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Jim Calhoun

Jim Calhoun is a life-long, 4th generation farmer/rancher in the Midwestern United States. He resides on the homestead his great grandfather founded in the 1800's. He has successfully lived off of the power grid for almost 10 years.

The Living Off Grid Power and Information Show
is a show designed for those who are self sufficient as well as those who want to be. Jim discusses a variety of topics to help inform his listeners of ways to successfully navigate through this crazy world.

Topics included are:
Power Generation
Hunting and Fishing
Food Preservation
Emergency Planning
Current Events
Outdoor Topics
Farm and Ranch Topics
Chem Trails and Other Plots
And More!


Please listen to a few episodes, and if you enjoy the show, we ask you to support it by helping us spread the word!Also, this show is supported by listener donation. Any amount will be appreciated!Send check, (payable to Thunderbolt West Media) money order or cash in a secure envelope to:

Thunderbolt West Media
PO Box 163
Hershey, NE  69143

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I do not use any of the propaganda social media sites. But I am using social media.

Please follow me on both of these great social media sites.
Veteran Brigades is my main focus with social media, so that should be considered my"default" site.

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